Spring is Here!

Happy Spring and specifically Happy April! It’s my month. I really love Spring when the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining. So much new life and new growth always inspires me. It makes me want to create and grow and change as well. So here is what I have coming up with art shows!

Every spring semester I participate in the Little Artist Big Artist mentorship program with Chula League. This year I was an artist mentor for two fifth grade girls at Allison Elementary. We had a great time making yarn paintings, even though it is always a challenge to keep 11 year olds interested in such a tedious technique. See their art and bid on it at https://www.32auctions.com/laba2019 . The opening reception is the evening of Friday, April 26th at Mondo Gallery..

A chance to see a large group of my art all at once and eat delicious food is coming up starting April 30th. I have a solo show at Magnolia Cafe West, a staple of the Austin community on Lake Austin Blvd. The reception is Tuesday, April 30th from 5-7 pm. Snacks and drinks available, plus stay for dinner! And if you miss that reception, you have no excuses to not see the show. Magnolia Cafe is open 24/8 (as they say) and my art is up until June 4th.

Yarn Paintings by April Sullivan Magnolia Flyer.png

On May 4th I am supporting Bikes Across Borders with a piece in their silent auction being held at Treasure City Thrift on May 4th from 7-10 pm. Food, drinks, raffles, live music and bike related art!

Once again I am participating in the Pet Portrait Pop Up Show with VSA Texas. Donate $85 to VSA Texas and send in a photo of your pet and you will get an original portrait by a local artist (could be me!) The big portrait reveal will be on Saturday, May 18th from 3:00-4:30 pm at Ground Floor Theatre Gallery. Find out more at https://vsatx.org/2019/04/11/paws-and-claws-pet-portraits/ 

I hope to see you out at some of these events. Happy Spring!

Birthday Month

My birthday is December 29. It’s kind of fun being born at the very end of the year. You know how you can do that calculation to find out how old you are by subtracting the current year from your birth year. It’s almost always wrong for me. It’s really only correct for three days. So when I finally do turn the age I’m supposed to be that year I am already well prepared.

This year I am turning 45 and this little calculation quirk has worked in my favor for once. My friend Susan invited me to show my art at the Austin NextTribe Holiday Art & Craft Sale. NextTribe is a group of women 45 and older who are aging boldly, having fun, getting together for social and cultural events. Who knew this group existed!

I am excited to meet new friends at this Holiday show and present my art to a new audience. Come out and say hi and “almost” Happy Birthday at The High Road on Dawson, 700 Dawson Road, Austin, TX 78704. There will be art, treats, and a full bar. Sunday, December 16th from 1:30-5:00 pm.

Here is a small 4” x 4” piece I just finished that will be on display. “Tricycle”.


Pet Love

A fun project I took part in earlier this year was a focus on pet portraits. I have done yarn paintings of my pets before, but never another person’s pet until recently. It was a little bit nerve racking. I of course wanted to do a good job representing the personality of someone’s adoring family member. It was a rewarding challenge. Here are some of my portraits. I would love to do more. Just contact me for details!

This is Vixen. Obviously tearing something up.

This is Vixen. Obviously tearing something up.

I chose to represent the torn bits as love. An all white dog was not easy!

I chose to represent the torn bits as love. An all white dog was not easy!

This is Buddy!

This is Buddy!

Sweet Bongo Drums wearing a sweater!

Sweet Bongo Drums wearing a sweater!

A happy customer

A happy customer

2017- mentoring, commissions, sales, and shows

2017 has started off great for my art business! First I took almost all of my yarn paintings to San Antonio College and they are on view there all semester. The Artist Breakfast was small but lots of fun. I was interviewed by the school paper and by Joan of Art for her TV show. I also sold one piece, Identity, to my friend Valerie.

I came home from San Antonio to mostly blank walls and a big echo in my house. The few pieces left were too small for the show in San Antonio. One piece, Stacked, I was saving for my cousin's friend. She contacted me last week and I shipped it off to Oklahoma.

Another piece, Turtle, I entered it into the Imagine show in Round Rock and it was accepted. So that is on view at the Texas State University Round Rock Campus through March and April. The reception is coming up March 4th.

I have been working on a new piece called The Never-ending Blanket but I have set it aside to work on a commission I secured while in San Antonio. I am doing a yarn painting of two dogs, Corky and Little Guy. I have done commissions before, but never of real people or animals, so it is exciting trying to capture them in yarn.

And finally, this spring I am a mentor in the Little Artist, Big Artist program again for the 4th year in a row at Blackshear Elementary. My little artist Betzy is doing a great job on her first yarn painting. I really enjoy sharing my technique with young people. That show will be later this year.

My next challenge is to try a 3D yarn painting!

Final sketch of Corky and Little Guy

Final sketch of Corky and Little Guy

Paths of Circles and Roots - San Antonio

My studio tour went well in November. It was great having so many people (about 60 per day) come through and see all my art in one place and see me working on a demo. But now it is 2017 and my walls are bare at my home studio. Why? Did I sell them all? I wish that were the case! No, second best reason...all of my Yarn Paintings are on display in San Antonio at San Antonio College, Moody Learning Center, 4th Floor, 1819 North Main Ave, San Antonio, TX.

Come out to my Meet the Artist Breakfast Reception on Thursday, January 26th from 10-noon. I will be working on a yarn painting and answering questions about my technique.

This exhibition will be up at the college for the entire Spring 2017 Semester, so I need to get busy filling my walls again. I can't stand looking at nothing!

yarnpaintings at SAC

East Austin Studio Tour Nov 12 & 13, 19 & 20

It is time again for the East Austin Studio Tour. This is a really fun event to attend and even more fun to be involved as an artist. This is my second year to open my home studio up for EAST. I have moved though, so I am not in the same location as last year. This year I think I will get lots more traffic. At least I hope so!

My tour stop is #501. Here is a link to my page on the EAST Website. http://east.bigmedium.org/part/part_501.html

Please come see me on November 12 or 13 from 11-6 or the following weekend November 19 or 20 from 11-6. I will be hanging out creating art and I have over 30 yarn paintings on view.

Here is a map I drew to help you find me!


Stop #501 at 1604 E 4th Street 1/2 A

Stop #501 at 1604 E 4th Street 1/2 A

Where to See my Art this Fall

Hey, I have some shows coming up! I need to get busy making some new pieces.

QuiltFest September 16-18

As a member of Austin Fiber Artists I will be included in our vendor booth at the Austin QuiltFest. Be sure to come see us. We are booth #17. Several AFA members will have their art and handmade items for sale.
September 16-18, 2016 at the Palmer Event Center, 900 Barton Springs, Austin, TX 78704
Hours: Friday/Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Sunday 12:00 Noon - 5:00 pm
Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door
The City of Austin charges a fee to park in the parking garage adjacent to the Event Center

Referencing Fiber Exhibit September 25

This Austin Fiber Artists exhibit will feature two of my yarn paintings and will be on Display September 25-November 11, 2016 at the Pflugerville Library, 1008 W. Pfluger Street, Pflugerville, Texas. Attend the Opening Reception on Sunday, September 25th from 2-4 pm to meet some great local fiber artists.

EAST - East Austin Studio Tour Nov 12 & 13, 19 & 20

For the second year I am opening my home studio for this fun two weekend event. But if you visited me last year, I have moved since then! My new space is in the bustling 78702 area. I am excited for everyone to see my new home studio. I will let you know more when I find out by stop number.

Be You More: 50 ValYOUS, 50 Artists November 19

I will be representing the ValYou of "Balance" in this fun exhibition coming up at the Walkers Gallery in San Marcos. It will be on exhibit October 29, 2016-January 7, 2017 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, November 19th from 5-7 pm.

I hope to see you at one of these exhibits!



Butterflies in my Stomach

My most recent work is called Butterflies in my Stomach and I created it in August as a response to feelings I had been having as the first anniversary of my husband Milton's death was creeping up. All through July it was like I was reliving the previous July all over again. All of the sadness and upheaval of our life leading up to that final day on August 30, 2015. It was nice to have a place to channel those feelings and when I posted it on my Facebook page it was a good way to express those feelings to my friends. Those who know me, know I am not good at talking about my feelings. My friend Leigh really connected with the piece and asked if she could buy it because butterflies have a special meaning to her. I took it over to her this past weekend. We hadn't seen each other for a few years so it was nice to catch up. She asked if I knew the meaning of butterflies? I said no. And she said they represent transformation, but also the afterlife. Butterflies are visitors from the afterlife. I really liked that and thought about recent encounters with butterflies in my life. Well, this art for example. And then a parent of a student of mine who is having some mental health issues right now sent me a butterfly in the mail. When it arrived it felt like Milton. It is a magnet and hangs on the file cabinet next to my desk. And then when Ramon and I went camping recently there was a big yellow and black butterfly hanging around our campsite. It is comforting to think of all of these butterflies as symbols from the afterlife. Hi, Milton!


North Hills Gallery Reception

Today was the reception for Fabulous Fibers at North Hills Gallery. I met some new artists and enjoyed work by longtime friends in the fiber arts community. I always love Sue Gilliam's work. And Pam Farley has fun pieces. The exhibit is on view through the end of the month. Here are some photos in case you miss it. My adoring fan got in one of them.


Austin Fiber Artists

I joined the Austin Fiber Artists today.  http://austinfiberartists.com/

We had a great presentation by physicist/quilter Vaughn Nelson. He creates beautiful and colorful works based on physics and mathematical principles. My mom and sister (both physics teachers) would have really enjoyed it. I created a yarn painting of a sunflower based on the Fibonacci spiral once. It was a challenge. Here it is...

Fibonacci Flower

Fibonacci Flower



Welcome to my website!

I have been creating yarn paintings for about 16 years now. I think it is time I created a website. Don't you? Watch out for more to come!