Birthday Month

My birthday is December 29. It’s kind of fun being born at the very end of the year. You know how you can do that calculation to find out how old you are by subtracting the current year from your birth year. It’s almost always wrong for me. It’s really only correct for three days. So when I finally do turn the age I’m supposed to be that year I am already well prepared.

This year I am turning 45 and this little calculation quirk has worked in my favor for once. My friend Susan invited me to show my art at the Austin NextTribe Holiday Art & Craft Sale. NextTribe is a group of women 45 and older who are aging boldly, having fun, getting together for social and cultural events. Who knew this group existed!

I am excited to meet new friends at this Holiday show and present my art to a new audience. Come out and say hi and “almost” Happy Birthday at The High Road on Dawson, 700 Dawson Road, Austin, TX 78704. There will be art, treats, and a full bar. Sunday, December 16th from 1:30-5:00 pm.

Here is a small 4” x 4” piece I just finished that will be on display. “Tricycle”.